Lightport Books is a small, independent press established in 2001.  Our mission is to provide fun, friendly educational materials celebrating diversity on Earth - the diversity of people and cultures and the biodiversity of plant and animal species.   Our focus is engagement in learning.  Each of the children's books has activities for young readers. 

Giving Thanks includes recipes for harvest foods that are featured in the autumn festivals illustrated in the book.  There are also activities, a glossary, a pronunciation guide, and a map of the world.

Lights of Winter has a dog and cat to find in every illustration.  Along with the celebration of light, these beloved animals emphasize a commonality in world cultures.

Joys of Spring has a list of activities from finding eggs, flowers and birds in many of the holiday illustrations to telling one's own story of spring celebration.

Birds, Bees and Butterflies has "can you find" photographs asking children to spot creatures in natural settings.  Activities at the end encourage young readers to go outside to find birds and butterflies in their neighborhoods, parks and schools.  A pair of binoculars is a good companion for this book. 

The activity of closely observing cultures and nature can help to cultivate appreciation and respect for the wonders of the world we inhabit.

Backyard Butterflies and Skippers Note Cards provide photographs of pollinators and plants that host them.  Adults as well as children can refer to these cards to plant a pollinator garden at their home or school.  Pollinators are essential to food crops around the world, yet 40% of pollinator species are headed for extinction according to a 2016 United Nations report.  Encouraging our next generations to create habitats for pollinators is important to their survival.

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